Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Monday

What's that saying about cold's..."you can't catch the same cold twice".  Well it sure felt like I did.  Sorry for the delay of posting.  Right as I was getting over being sick, womp...womp, the cold I was trying to dump just couldn't let me go.  This past weekend off was much needed!  We went to Tuscon to visit Chris's grandma, it was her birthday and we all brought flowers and paid our respects.  What an amazing woman she was, so inspiring and the love she had for her family is truly amazing!

Sunday was 49ers day!  Now I'm not much of a football follower, but I got behind the 49ers, who unfortunately did not make it into the Superbowl.  Chris's fam was not happy about it, but during half time we decided to hit around some plastic golf balls.  I perfected my swing, which I'm paying for today....ouch...and we had an all around awesome day!  What did you guys do over the weekend?  Hopefully you guys have a wonderful week!!

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