Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flower Power

Vest: Thrifted
Dress: Target
Belt: Anthro
Shoes: Anthro (Shelly's of London)


While checking out these pictures, I can't help but think my face looks different...maybe it's because my hair is actually down?  I've been putting it up, especially at work, but I do start out with it down...promise!  Time for a haircut?  I've been wanting long hair again lately, so I'm in between wanting to cut it and letting it grow!

By the way this was a fun day!  I had the day off and got to spend it with Chris and his family.  The weather here is started to get warm again, so that means, no more fall layers or sweaters, bummer!  I do however, loooove the sun, so you won't see me complaining!  Also, how many times do you think I can insert a comma into this blog post?  I've counted 10 so far.


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  2. Ohh i love the dress! Target has some pretty great finds. You should try getting straight across bangs! I think you could pull them off well. SO happy the weather is getting nicer so we can all start wearing cute little dresses!

  3. that dress is just gorgeous! and i love the way you cinched it with the belt!
    xo TJ