Monday, June 25, 2012

Life According to Instagram v6

Sorry I was missing in action last week, too much happening and very personal stuff that I was going through.  Lately, I have been have a great time at work and just started reading the second installment of the Hunger Games, Catching Fire.  Did I mention I just got it yesterday and I'm pretty much almost is amazing! 

Chris and I went on a date Saturday night to an amazing place called Si Senor and they have the best pastries called Sopapillas!  Have you ever had them?  If not you definitely should!  They're cinnamon sugar dough and you drizzle honey over yummy!


  1. Those pastries look delicious. Sorry last week was a little messy for you! Hope everything is going smooth now.

    p.s. Your hair looks great like that!

  2. Thanks! My great hair days always happen on accident! Those pastries are so awesome, I think we go to that restaurant just because of those! Ha.

  3. Ahh love that your reading Hunger Games, i think I've read all three twice, love them so much!
    You are too sweet, following along with you now :)
    Amy xo