Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekly Wants!

1. Tie-Front Button Down
 I love the way this top gives you the versatility of wearing it tied or untied, depending on how you're feeling that day!  Oh and duh, the stripes!

2. Skinny Ankle Pant in Mint via Target
Mint, mint, mint!  Such a on trend color this season, so fresh and pretty.  I've been craving a pair of these for so long.

3. Windbloom Chambray Kerchief
There is something about a tied handkerchief and a striped top that says, "French".  I'm not sure if I would tie it the way it's shown but it would definitely look "oh-la-la".

4. Montego Bay Club Sandal 
These are too cute not to pass up, its very casual with this outfit and it keeps it from being too dressy.  If need be, I'd throw on my floral wedges to dress it up a bit! But sandals are so comfy!   


  1. yep, colored pants are definitely on my list of things that i want this summer!!
    xo TJ

  2. those pants are from target?! They're amazing. that color is so hot right now haha. please get that shirt!!

  3. nice post!