Monday, July 2, 2012

Instalife Lately

Okay, so I lost count with my "According to Instagram" and was too lazy to backtrack to see what "version" I'm on.  So I think I'll just be naming my insta posts whatever instantly pops into my head.  Heh!

I had the most awesome day off Thursday and this past weekend.  We went to Tucson(not Tuscon) to have my car looked at, but nothing was wrong with it and decided to enjoy the rest of the day!  We went to this amazing mexican restaurant called El Guero Canelo's, it is tooo delish, seriously, it is life changing.  You can check out their story here! 


  1. okay, seriously i have been craving mexican for so long. and this is now officially making me hungry! yum!
    xo TJ

    1. You have to go get some immediately!! It's a must, on a weekly basis, at least lol!

  2. that dog picture is cracking me up!

  3. OK that dog is way adorable!!
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