Monday, September 26, 2011

D.I.Y-Make Up Remover

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Witch Hazel
Travel Size Plastic Bottle

Fill bottle 50/50-Witch Hazel/Olive Oil
then shake!

Hi everyone!!  I’ve found a completely inexpensive and awesome do it yourself eye makeup remover.  I actually found this following one of my favorite bloggers Kandee Johnson, she’s a makeup artist!  So I give her complete credit, although I’m sure she’s learned it somewhere else too and I wanted to pass along this awesome at home creation! You can find the video here!

What you’ll need:
Olive Oil (extra virgin/virgin doesn’t matter, I used EVOO)
Witch Hazel
Small Plastic bottle (you can get at CVS, Walmart or Walgreens!)

What you do:
You want a 50/50 solution.  Pour witch hazel in first, as much as you want then pour the olive oil in after and watch it float to the top!  After that, put your cap back on and shake!!  Grab a cotton ball and watch it work!!  So cool right? Not only does it make your skin feel soft and amazing, it doesn’t leave your eyes feeling oily and you can use the witch hazel on your skin like an astringent.  It’s perfect for sensitive/blemished prone skin as well!

Well there you have it, an easy, inexpensive, D.I.Y eye make up remover!!
lots of love,

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