Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday!

Good day and happy Thursday!  As I sit and think about some of my favorite things (my stuffy nose not being one of them)  I can't help but want to share a couple things I got for Christmas "last year".  Ha-ha!  

Naked by Urban Decay!  I love, LOVE this eyeshadow palette!  When I got it for Christmas I was ecstatic!  There are so many looks you can do with it and pretty much all of the colors have shimmer to them to add something a little extra!  So happy with this!  It also comes with the Primer Potion which is nifty because it keeps my shadow on all day without melting off or absorbing into my skin!

Rosebud's Mocha Rose Lip Balm.  While I didn't get this for Christmas, I bought this in a tin that came with two other.  The Mocha Rose I had never tried before and wow!  I love the way it leaves my lips and it has such a great taste, who doesn't like chocolate?!  

IPOD.  Okay, so while many of you probably own one, or have an Iphone, this is actually the first Apple product I own and probably will ever own, but never say never!  Chris got me this baby for Christmas and it's a blast!  I just love how versatile these little gadgets are and how much easier they make my life!  

I really want to start doing my research on makeup, techniques, how colors work together so I can share that with you guys!  Thursdays are really starting to become Beauty fun would that be?

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