Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Highlight v1: Kristine or Polly!

Hi Gang!  Meet my amazing and talented friend Kristine from Kristine or Polly!

What is your name and where are you from? 
My name is Kristine and I'm from Arizona!

In three words, describe what your blog is about?  
My personal style.
When did you start blogging and what got you into it? 
I started casually blogging quite a few years ago in 2008. However, I didn't take it too seriously until I started style blogging in 2010. I'd been reading blogs for a while and I decided that I loved the community and I wanted to contribute to it in any way possible! I also wanted to document my style as a way to get more creative with my closet.

What inspires your blog posts?
Quite simpy, my wardrobe.

Aside from blogging, what is your absolute favorite hobby? 
I'm learning how to bake - I absolutely love to make delicious cookies and cupcakes. I have quite the sweet tooth.
Favorite Go-to beauty products?  
I've just recently started wearing lipstick. I love J.Crew's Poppy King lipstick for every day wear.

Any inspirational words for new bloggers? 
Have fun, don't take things too seriously, and make friends!

I know you lived in Japan, what did you learn living in a different country? 
Oh, I could write for ages on this topic! But to summarize, I learned about a different culture and way of life than I am so accustomed to. Living abroad opened my eyes to how big the world is.
What do you want to be when you grow up?   
A retail buyer. In fact, I'm going back to school this summer to pursue that dream!

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  1. oh i absolutely adore her blog! and being a retail buyer would be such an incredible job! love it!!!
    xo TJ