Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yellow Skirt: Remix!

Shirt: Goodwill, Skirt: Anthro, Belt: Anthro, Shoes: Seychelles for Anthro, Earrings: Forever 21

Remember this?  Time for a remix...Today it was cloudy here in the Valley of The Sun and tomorrow rain?  Not a fan of it, but we need it, so bring it on!  Also, might I add that overcast is the photographers dream, which I found an article about it for you here!  As some of you know I shoot all of my photos with a dinky point and shoot camera and if you didn't know that, secret revealed. I've always said the camera does not make the photographer, rather the other way around.  However it is my goal to snag a great dslr sometime soon because I know it will effect the quality of my photographs, how do you like those apples? 

Also, I am going to gather together some of my favorite outfits and create a look book here, so not only I can reference them, but if you need some inspiration as well!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Gorgeous. Love those shoes.

  2. i love the bright color of the skirt. and those shoes are uber fabulous!!!
    xo TJ

  3. Love that skirt! But that top is my favorite. I feel like you have a ton of awesome thrift finds. Jealous! Excited to see what your look book looks like :)