Friday, August 3, 2012

Guest Blogger: Carter on How To Be A Dapper Dan

Few men really know what types of products, either hair or facial care (or anything) to use and how to use them properly. I think that a good understanding of what products are and more specifically which products to use for your body and chemistry is necessary for the modern man to be successful. And let's be honest, if there's anything a fag knows it's how to look great every day.

Step one:

Facial care is really the most important thing for me to worry about on a daily basis. After all, your face is your most important asset. One of my most coveted secrets for keeping my golden skin perfect is using everything from my favorite cosmetic store ever, LUSH. I've been using LUSH products for 7+ years now and I will never put anything on my face besides these products from the vegan gods (and goddesses). Walking into a LUSH store can be overwhelming to your nose and mind so please don't be afraid to ask for help. These people are trained professionals and can seriously target down the perfect regimen for whatever skin type and qualms you have. With all natural, organic and vegan products these little black pots can be a little pricey but totes worth it. I promise.

My LUSH regimen is: Herbalism Face Wash  (during the winter months), Dark Angels Face Wash (during the summer months), Tea Tree Water Toner and Vanishing Cream Moisturizer. Okay okay, if you clicked on all of those you can probs tell that I have super oily skin and I need to balance that extra oiliness with these products and this combination really does the trick! However, make sure to tell the people at LUSH exactly what skin you have and they will create a perfect combo for you.

Step two:

A mans best accessory is his hair and great hair starts with a great cut. Please do the world a favor and stop going to Supercuts and spend a little more money to get a great haircut to give your hair a strong starting point. Next come the products. once again, knowing your hair type and what kind of hair you want to have is key. I personally use Redken Body Full Shampoo (my hair is full of lots of secrets), 3 Minute Miracle once or twice a week to condition, and literally the greatest hair styling product I think I've ever encountered: Powder Grip 3. This little tube looks deceiving but after all, they say that size doesn't always matter. I personally like a super naturally messy look while maintaining a matte finish with touchability.  This product adds insane volume and texture while still looking natural. Talk about perf! Like i've said before, don't be shy or ashamed to ask a salon specialist for help! They know what they're doing and will give you great advice and help on products and styling.

Always, ALWAYS add a spritz of cologne to finish off your man-accessorizing and you're ready for the day. I'm a firm believer of always dressing your best no matter what the occasion. Going to walmart? Put on your Louboutins. Going to the gym? Don't forget your MK watch. It all comes down to one simple concept: you never know who you're going to run into. And always make sure to look your best to make your ex-boyfriend jealous.

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