Tuesday, January 10, 2012

D.I.Y: Holiday Ornaments

Okay, so I know I am a little late posting about this, but hey lets face it, at least you'll be super prepared for next Christmas!  So lets go!

What You'll Need:

Clear Glass Ornaments
Fake Snow
Plastic Foliage( I just grabbed a small ready made decoration and chopped it up!)
A small funnel or piece of paper to roll up into a funnel
Wire Cutters

I would say to make these outside or put down newspaper, etc for easy clean up afterwards!  Trust me the snow will go everywhere!

What To Do:

Prepare your paper funnel first (if making your own) and pull the tops out of the glass ornaments.  Place the funnel into the opening of the ornament and pour the snow inside.  I found that the snow started to build up and did not pour into the ornament, so I ended up just trying my luck and pouring it without the funnel, which you can choose to do!  Fill snow to just about the middle of the ornament.

Then cut off pieces of the pre-made decoration to place inside!  If you are putting berries or any other small piece of decoration, put those in first, then place the plastic foliage in after.  I cut the ends off of a pre-decorated garland to make small trees!  After you've placed what you want inside, put the topper back on, shake the snow to the bottom and see your finished decorations!!  So cool!  Some of the snow will even stick to the trees to create a winter wonderland. 

I really loved making these ornaments!  I can't wait until next  year to make more, I think you could use this idea throughout the year, not just for Christmas!!  Happy Crafting :)

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