Monday, August 27, 2012

Peter Pan Collars

Okay, how sweet are these?  Peter Pan collars are going to be one of the trends this Fall and I absolutely love this!  Anywhere from shirts, sweaters to dresses, you're going to find these cuties popping up everywhere.  They are so classic, retro with a modern twist on today's wardrobe.  I love how it instantly takes a top/dress and makes it that much classier and feminine.  You can even DIY them, like this Louis Vuitton collar from Honestly...WTF?  So easy and fun to make, there are so many of different styles out there.  So check em out!

Happy Monday!



  1. I LOVE Peter Pan collars!!!!! (Esp for my boys when they're babies) :-)

    But I'm excited for this trend for ME!!

  2. they are becoming really popular really fast and i like the jeweled peter pan collars the most

  3. Great post! I love peter pan collars too. I think they are so cute and I feel all prim & proper in them. Found your blog from Dancing with Ashley. Saw in the comments that you majored in dance! I teach dance (jazz and tap) at a local studio in my town. Did you do anything else besides modern?


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. In school I had to take everything from Ballet to African. Even learned a little Indian dance as well. I taught at a high school, mostly modern/jazz, but I'm studio experience mainly. I miss teaching dearly!!

  4. obsessed with the peter pan collar style. need to get some immediately!
    xo TJ